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Coal Fired Steam Boilers in Pakistan

Encom Pakistan is one of the most prominent supplier of Coal Fired Steam Boilers in Pakistan. Coal Fired Steam Boilers Series DZL is single drum, horizontal, three-pass, package, and water tube, fire-tube boiler. Coal Fired Steam boilers of this series: Output is 1~4t/h, working pressure is 0.7~1.6MPa, steam temperature reaches saturated steam temperature. Hot water boiler of this series: output is 0.7~2.8MW, supply water temperature is 95~115℃, return water temperature is 70℃, working pressure is 0.7~1.0MPa. On both sides of the boiler chamber, there are bare-tube water-cooled wall, top ends of which are connected to the upper drums, and lower ends are linked with the headers respectively, and forming the combustion chamber with the front and the rear walls. Two bundles of gas tubes are set in the drum. The burned gas from the boiler chamber flows off longitudinally in the gas tubes, then is induced into the cast-iron economizer laid at the end of the boiler, finally is discharged into the chimney via the dust extractor.

The lower part of the coal fired steam boilers are the burning device that is equipped with the light-type chain grate stoker, the coal supply machine, the ash extractor, the dust collector and the electric control box. It realizes the mechanization of coal supply and ash discharging and the automatic control of feed water. A special feature is the conversion of coal into an almost gaseous condition, which allows precise metering of the fuel. Another advantage of this unique operation is the low noise level during combustion.

Coal fired steam boilers have following merits: compact structure, small size, single layer layout, short installation time, and little investment to the base construction.

Coal fired steam boilers belong to double drums water tube boilers, designed for blow down on surface and the quality of steam is pretty good. Steam boilers divided into saturated steam boiler and overheat steam boiler and meet the needs in separated.

Coal fired steam boilers main body and grate adopt large parts available, short installation time and low charge for installation.

Coal fired steam boilers capacity of 4-35T / H (2.8-29MW).

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