Sensors and systems for combustion engineering

We work with our customers to create innovative solutions for combustion applications.

We can supply you with everything you need for future-oriented combustion technology

Why Choose Us

  • We have the flexibility of an SME combined with global coverage
  • Our name is synonymous with tried and tested products; virtually all international burner manufacturers use LAMTEC devices.
  • We offer on-site service and a hotline for you to speak directly to our service engineers to discuss any hardware, confguration or application queries.
  • Together, we solve your problems
  • Continuous innovation and progressive technology, as we re-invest a signifcant proportion of our profits in R & D

Our Portfolio

  • Burner control units
  • Electronic fuel/air ratio control systems
  • Flame monitoring systems
  • O2 measuring and control units
  • Adaptive CO control
  • Sensors for detecting unburnt gaseous components (CO/H2)
  • Volumetric flow measurement devices.
  • Pilot burners

Our Offerings

Please contact us for further details about LAMTEC Sensors and Systems for combustion Engineering.