Apator Water Meter Pakistan
Apator Heat Meter Pakistan
Apator Water Meter Pakistan

Apator Water Meter and Heat Meter in Pakistan

Encom Pakistan supplies Apator water meter and heat meter in Pakistan. Grupa Apator is a pioneer in the implementation of innovative technical solutions through Apator Water Meter and Apator Heat Meter, and its sales income grows every year. Thanks to the application of modern technologies, our products have the highest quality and win the recognition of our Clients.

Grupa Apator focuses its activity in two segments of the electromechanical industry: metering and switchgear.

Offer of the companies of Grupa includes metering equipment for all utilities (prepayment and post-payment electrical energy meters, heat meters, gas meters, water meters, temperature sensors). The above offer is a base for the development of systems enabling energy usage metering, remote reading, tale-transmission and visualization of data.

Apator Water and Heat Meter Products

  • Water meters
  • Volume parts for heat meters
  • Heat meters
  • Heating cost allocator
  • Wireless water meters reading system
  • Other products
  • Installation fittings
  • Test & Measurement

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