HeatMatrix (Holland) Products in Pakistan

Encom Pakistan is an authorized dealer of HeatMatrix products in Pakistan including Air Pre-Heater, Hybrid Exchanger, Gas to Liquid Exchanger and In-Situ Cleaning System.

About: HeatMatrix is based in Holland and HeatMatrix has developed standard solutions ranging from lay-outs to packaged units and material selection for a cost effective and fast implementation of your project. HeatMatrix offers the best customised solutions to optimise and improve the performance of each industrial application, providing, in addition to its products, expert advice, synergy and partnership with its customers.

Air Preheater Pakistan

The HeatMatrix air preheater consists of multiple corrosion resistant tube bundles contained in a metal shell or housing. The proprietary polymer bundle design consists of multiple tubes that are connected to each other over almost the full length of the tube. This structure creates a strong rigid matrix grid that is able to resist high gas velocities and thermo shocks. The supporting connector between the individual tubes creates simultaneously a counter current flow configuration between the two fluids. This configuration improves the heat transfer by 20% compared to cross flow type exchangers. The inlets and outlets of the exchanger are located at the side of the heat exchanger in order to allow easy access to the polymer tube bundles. These lightweight bundles are retractable from the top and can be cleaned or replaced without demounting the complete exchanger. In the case of fouling flue gas each bundle can be equipped with a spraying nozzle, which thoroughly cleans each bundle in an alternating cleaning sequence during operation.

Hybrid Exchanger

For flue gas temperatures above 200°C a combination between a metal and a polymer air preheater combines the best of both worlds

This hybrid design has the following advantages:
Increased heat recovery over a wide temperature range
The polymer air preheater protects the metal air preheater against low air temperatures that lead to cold spot corrosion problems
The metal air preheater protects the polymer air preheater against high temperatures
Frequently used steam air preheater for raising the temperature of the combustion air to prevent local cold spots is no longer required with this hybrid air preheater design. A stacked or integrated lay-out reduces plot space and installation cost.

Hybrid Exchanger Pakistan
Gas to Liquid Exchanger Pakistan

Gas to Liquid Exchanger

If the preferred outlet for waste heat from corrosive flue gas is a liquid, a separation between the corrosive flue gas and the high-pressure liquid is recommended. Such a separation is obtained by adding a circulating air loop between the polymer gas-gas exchanger and a standard finned tube gas-liquid exchanger. This failsafe and robust design prevents any upsets in either of the independent connected systems. Compact designed skid-mounted systems are available for flue gas temperatures up to 350 °C.

This system enables also transportation of heat over longer distances and even to preheat toxic or flammable chemicals without any corrosion risks.

In-Situ Cleaning System

The HeatMatrix polymer exchanger can also deal with fouling gas streams. The plastic tubes have a non-sticky characteristic and can be equipped with a dedicated spray nozzle per bundle, which thoroughly cleans each bundle in an alternating cleaning sequence possibly during operation.

Moreover, retractable tube bundles are accessible via the top of the heat exchanger for easy maintenance and extra cleaning if necessary.

In-Situ Cleaning System Pakistan

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