Gefran (Italy) Products in Pakistan

Encom Pakistan is one of the most prominent suppliers of GEFRAN (Italy) products in Pakistan including Gefran controllers, Gefran transducers, Gefran drives & inverters, Gefran sensors, Linear movement transducers & Pressure controllers. Gefran is a leader in the sector of automation and systems components for industrial process control. Gefran offers the best customised solutions to optimise and improve the performance of each industrial application, providing, in addition to its products, expert advice, synergy and partnership with its customers. Gefran has four main business areas: sensors, components, automation and motion control. Encom provides all products of Gefran to all major industries of Pakistan. Encom is one of the largest supplier of all kind Gefran components. We ensure quick and reliable processing of customer order.

Gefran Power Controllers

Gefran Controllers Pakistan

Advanced Power Controllers, Solid State Power Units and Solid State Relays. Gefran products includes Modular Power Controllers, Enhanced Power Controller, Static Contactors, Solid State Relays, Fieldbus & Configuration Software.

Gefran Automation Platforms

Gefran Automation Platforms in Pakistan

GCube is a line of integrated automation solutions that offers a global response to specific automation demands.

It provides transverse and standard solutions and offers common technology services to satisfy specific demands of single automations.

Gefran Pressure Transducers

Gefran Pressure Transducers in Pakistan

Gefran industrial pressure transducers and transmitters measure fluid, liquid, or gas pressure in all industrial applications.

Gefran Linear Movement Transducers

Gefran Linear Movement Transducers Pakistan

Linear and angular displacement transducers measure the displacement of moving mechanical parts.

Gefran Inverters for Industrial Application

Gefran Inverters for Industrial Application

With their cutting edge technology, the Gefran series of inverters incorporates all the needs of systems integrators, panel builders and machine manufacturers to guarantee the best control solutions in modern industrial automation systems. A wide range of motor ratings, power supply settings and sector-specific configurations make this a universal solution for all control architectures.

Gefran Panel-Mounted inverters

Gefran Panel-mounted inverters

ADV200 inverters provide reliable, precise motor control in all industrial applications where asynchronous motors are used.

The wide choice of power ratings, power supply types and specific configurations with an accompanying range of standard cabinet inverters meet the full range of requirements for single-motor applications.

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