ECOM Germany is a leading manufacturer of measuring instruments in the world and Encom Pakistan is the exclusive business partner of ECOM Germany products in Pakistan. Encom provides complete range of ECOM Germany measuring instruments including combustion analyzer, Flue gas analyser, Efficiency analyser, Boiler analyser, Burner analyser, HVAC instrument, Portable/Handheld instrument. ECOM Germany designs and manufactures measuring instruments for the control and monitoring of the air in confined areas. The devices manufactured by ECOM Germany are portable or stationary and realize measures to.

  • Control the operation of heating, ventilation and cooling systems, allowing improved comfort each and reducing energy consumption.
  • Contribute to the safety of persons controlling the environment to prevent the development or spread of germs, bacteria, gas, etc . in the food industry, laboratories, hospitals, nuclear.
  • Control and maintain optimum storage conditions and manufacturing in industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, museums
  • Meet many standards and reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

List of ECOM Germany Measuring Instruments

Flu Gas Analysis

Pressure Measurement

Leakage Detection

Disturbance Diagnosis

Further Measurement Techniques

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