Coal Boilers Pakistan

Bosch Coal Boilers Description

  • Warm water, hot water, saturated steam
  • and superheated steam for commercial and
  • industrial applications
  • Individual configurations
  • Suitable for all fuels
  • Steam output of up to 220 t/h and 100 bar
Encom Pakistan is one of the most prominent supplier of Bosch Coal Boilers in Pakistan. Encom provides reliable Coal Boilers to main industries in Pakistan. Supply and installation of Coal Boilers with burning wood, rated at 10.2 to 18.0 kW with 1365x620x1370 mm body, thermal, combustion chamber, twin vortex, refractory concrete, tube heat exchanger vertical with automatic cleaning mechanism, drawer for collection and removal of ashes from the front of the Coal boilers combustion control using integrated sensor, integrated control system for the control of storage tank and buffer tank with lifting system the return temperature of above 55 ° C, comprising throttle and circulation pump, safety thermostat, damper 150 mm in diameter , not including the conduit for evacuating the combustion products which links the boiler to the chimney. Fully assembled, conexionada and launched by the installation company to check its correct operation. Please contact us for further details about Bosch Coal Boilers.