Coal Boilers, Exhaust Boilers Pakistan

Exhaust Heat Boilers (Coal Boilers)

Encom Pakistan is one of the most prominent supplier of Exhaust Boilers (Coal Boilers) in Pakistan. The exhaust heat boilers use the exhausted heat created during industrial process to generate steam. They are widely applicable in those fields such as chemical, petroleum, coking, cement, metallurgy, paper making, glass, porcelain enamel, etc. Our company mainly produces flue type exhaust heat boilers. Boiler output:0.5t/h~220t/h, steam pressure: 0.7~9.8MPa,steam temperature: saturated & superheated steam. This series of boilers are concerned with those industries such as composite ammonia, ethylene, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, coal carbonization, etc. They can be finalized, designed and developed referring to different requirements, operate steadily under different loads, have overload ability of 110%, be safe and reliable for long term operation, cost less and be convenient for repair and maintenance.
  • First Level supplier of China National Petroleum Corporation and China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation
  • Widely used in the industries such as petroleum, chemical, building material, metallurgy and coking industry.
Main type:
  1. Boiler of recovering exhaust heat generated from refining, catalysing, hydrogenation and sulfur.
  2. Boiler of injecting steam into oil field and coking exhaust boiler
  3. Incinerator and exhaust boiler of firing process exhaust gas (liquid) such as carbinol, formaldehyde, composite ammonia, etc.
  4. Coke oven gas fired exhaust boiler

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