Coal Fired Boilers Pakistan

Coal Fired Boilers in Pakistan

Encom provides Coal Fired Boilers in Pakistan. Coal Fire Boilers also called 10 CFB Boilers in Pakistan. These boilers are major source of energy.

Main Technical Parameters:

Capacity:6-480T/H 4.2-53MW
Steam Pressure:1.25-9.8MPa
Steam Temperature:194℃-540℃
Hot Water Temperature:95℃-150℃
Type of Boiler:Natural circulation, volute high temperature cyclone, separator, shaped water-cooled separator
Mode of Combustion: Chamber-fired furnace
Form Or Ex-factory:Bulk
Fuel:Bituminous coal, dry-burning coal, hard coal, sludge, coal waste rock,coal gas

Coal Fired Boilers Description

1. Can manage ate low pressure, high working temperature, low pressure and high temperature technical features.
2. Can Realize the stable heating and temperature control required, to measure different requirements.
3. Control and safety you test running device, convenient operation perfectly, strongroom and reliable.
4. Closed-circuit circulation, liquid heat energy decal, small loose heat, energy-saving impact are brake-Ark-able, are low cost operation.
5. Fast loading or assembly factory, convenient transportation, shorts installation period, impact investment quickly.
6. Compact structure, can be forty-five to decorate, saving investment boiler room.
7. Boiler heat preservation performance is good, the high efficiency heat preservation materials and advanced construction technology, loose heat the furnace wall are small.

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