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Your home energy usage totally depending on heating and cooling equipment efficiency. Deficiencies in heating systems and cooling systems can make a great impact on your energy consumption and your pocket. Encom provides best solutions for your heating systems deficiencies in Pakistan including home heating services, building heating services and room heating services.

ENCOM Pakistan provides residential heating services to make your home more comfortable.

Today it is more and more relevant to the domestic household to address its heating costs and not forgetting of course the environmental impact of old, dated and sometimes dangerous systems. Whether you are heating a flat, bungalow, house or block of flats ENCOM has the best economical solutions that you need.

Domestic Heating Boilers


Choose from a wide array of natural gas boilers – including system and combi boilers – that are perfect for mains gas fittings and replacements, or take advantage of a variety of alternative central heating systems for off-the-grid jobs.

Condensing gas, biomass or oil-fired boilers are the solution for comfortable warmth in the entire house and reliable warm water. – Saving energy – Combinable with various storage tanks or combi boilers.

Residential Control Systems


Optimum control of comfort in the home for all Bosch heating and hot water solutions. The product range includes room temperature and weather-dependent controls, modules and remote controls. Efficient heating – Easy handling.

Domestic Solar Thermal Systems


Solar thermal heaters, also called solar domestic hot water systems are a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate, and the fuel they use, sunshine is free.

Complete systems which provide hot water and space heating solutions by transforming the sun´s radiation into energy. Long term solution – Reliable – Low maintenance.

Following are some of our specialized services:

  • Floor Heating Control
  • Wall-Mounted Electric Boiler Installation
  • Aluminum Radiators Installation
  • Control Equipment Fitting
  • Electric Boiler Fitting
  • Central Heating Equipment Installation
  • Bath Room Radiators Floor Fitting
  • Heating Systems Repair & Maintenance
  • Heating Accessories

Please contact us for further detail of our services.