EXTREMELY technological. Fully Equipped. Mobile.

ecom-J2KNpro TECH

Mobile Flue Gas Analysis – combination of 5 Measurement Methods

Emission analysis in challenging environments
– extremely robust but also mobile
– the perfect add-on to a stationary system

Free combination of the measurement methods, for each application
– cost-effective electrochemical sensors for high measurement ranges
– physical sensors for maintenance-free and wearless measurements, even if overloaded
– compact design: PAS modul, CLD with converter, NDIR

Operation with far-reaching radio remote control
– comfortable control and stable monitoring from the distance

Easy transportation in stable aluminium-framed case
– optional trolley for easied mobility
– additional case for heated sampling system storage

Short controls or continuous measurements
– ready to use for short and long term measurements
– high-quality sensors, high-performans sample gas conditioning, reliable filtering, wireless remote control with high coverage and various data output possibilities:
EVERYTHING integrated in one and the same system

ecom-J2KNpro-TECH Flue Gas Analyser

  • For free combinable configuration of required gas sensors (O2 sensor part of the basic delivery scope)
  • Designed for quasi-stationary measurements with programmable measurement intervals
  • Integral thermal quick-printer
  • Internal heating/ventilation cooling depending on ambient conditions (0-40°C ambient temperature)
  • Comprehensive options for data processing (i. a. via WiFi data transfer)
  • Stainless steel gas cooler for perfect, dry gas preparation
  • Electronic condense monitoring as well as automatic condense evacuation
  • Status display for basic functions, settings and warning messages
  • Complete in ultra light-weight, robust aluminium housing
  • T-Room probe/T-Room stick (according to restest or type) in spacious aluminum-framed transport case including trolley
  • Incl. all necessary filters, printer Paper etc. – all filters and consumables  exchangeable by user
  • Free downloadable PC Software

Radio Remote Controller

(included in every standard delivery scope)

  • Large coverage to bridge distances between measurement point (flue gas opening) and adjustment point (e. g. burner, control panel, etc.)
  • Incl. thermocouple inlet, mini USB connection (data transfer to laptop/PC), SD card slot
  • Backlit keypad as well as high-value colour TFT display
  • Display, printout and storage of measurement data
  • Complete instrument operation command (a. o. manual start and end of measurements, data processing, …)
  • Stable data processing via radio (highest possible avoidance of interference, bridging of metal or concrete barriers , automatic connection, no abrupt connection interruption while keeping all measurement data as well as automatic re-connection of radio communication)

Heated Sampling System (optional)

  • Heated sampling probe incl. PTFE filter and thermocouple for the measurement of flue gas temperature
  • Heated sampling hose for loss-free gas transport (adjustable temperature)
  • Stowage into optional, separate aluminium-framed transport case – integrated into the ecom-J2KNpro-TECH transport system

Options (i. a.)

  • NOx calculation via electrochemical NO Sensor or NOxmeasurement (NO + NO2 sensors) possible
  • Further electrochemical sensor options (SO2, H2S, H2, CO%)
  • Higher resolution and accuracy with electrochemical NO Low (0-500 ppm) resp. NO2 Low (0-100 ppm) range
  • Infrared measurement (NDIR) of CO2 (direct measurement), CO high, SO2 as well as CxHy (calibrated on CH4 – methane or C3H8 – propane)
  • CxHy measurement via catalytic measurement (Pellistor)
  • Chemiluminescense (CLD): Highly accurate measurement method for determination of NO resp. NOx(via separate converter)
  • Photo-acoustic spectroscopy (PAS): highly accurate measurement method for determination of NO2
  • Gas cooler made out of stainless steel for loss-free gas preparation of water-soluble gases
  • Measurement of gas speed velocity in flue gas


  • (L x H x D): 500 x 650 x 250 mm (measurement instrument and heated system on trolley)


  • Approx. 28 kg (analyser and heated system on trolley)

Accessories (i. a.)

  • Various additional filter options
  • Various temperature probes (contact sensor, surface Sensor, …) for differential temperature measurement (e.g. water-run-in and run-out temperatures)
  • Heat-protective shields

 Data Sheet


  • A basic infrared (NDIR) measurement method is also available by the models ecom-J2KNpro Industry.
  • See also product recommendations for Industrial Applications.

   Approved acc. to EN 50379-2 and 1. BImSchV

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