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ENCOM Pakistan provides turnkey solutions for the installation and commissioning of food plants, steam boiler plants, oil heater plants as well as allied products. Following are some of our specialized services:

  • Capacity audit of Steam Boilers plants
  • Energy audit of Steam Boiler plants
  • Energy audit of Thermal Oil Heating plants
  • Energy audit of dryers, stenters, printing machines, etc.
  • Energy audit of food plants (ovens, dryers, thermal oil heaters etc.)
  • Service and cleaning of Boilers
  • Service and cleaning of burners
  • Computerized tuning of Firing Systems (Burners)
  • Installation of Coal Boilers and Coal Fired Boilers
  • Installation of Coal Fired Steam Boilers
  • Installation of Biomass Boilers, Exhaust Boilers
  • Installation of Thermal Oil Boilers
  • Installation of Pumps
  • Installation of Water and Heat Meter
  • Supply of Linear Movement Transducers
  • Supply of Gefran Controller

Please contact us for further detail of our services.