LAMTEC Combustion System
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LAMTEC Combustion Management

Optimized configuration and control are key requirements if burners are to be as environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient as possible, saving fuel and cutting costs.

LAMTEC develops devices that ensure precise combustion management!

What this means for you:

  • Lowest possible energy use
  • Maximum eficiency with minimal pollution

LAMTEC burner control units undergo continuous development to optimize and monitor oil, gas and solid fuel burners.

Systems from basic to high end:

  • Systems from basic to high end
  • Burner control and/or ratio control with up to 10 channels
  • For control panel installation or mounting on the burner
  • CO/O Control
  • O2 trim
  • Valve leakage test
  • Flame monitoring system
  • PID load controller for burner firing rate
  • Mixed firing of multiple fuels in fixed or variable ratio
  • Graphic HMI
  • Interfacing to third-party DCS, BMS and SCADA systems using standard Fieldbus protocols
  • International approvals
  • Advanced Flame Rating

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