Monarch Weishaupt Burners

Description of Monarch Burners

Monarch Weishaupt Burners are more reliable, efficient and universal in application: Weishaupt´s new monarch® range of burners embodies the Weishaupt virtues of exemplary low emissions and robust equipment for lastingly reliable operation that Weishaupt customers have come to expect. Thanks to the digital combustion management – incorporated as standard – installation, adjustment, operation and servicing of the new Weishaupt monarch® burners are easier and more precise than ever.

Outstanding price-performance ratio:

Digital technology, a modular system and the most up-to-date combustion technologies make the Weishaupt monarch® burner a sound economic investment all round.

Great versatility:

Burners from the Weishaupt monarch range fire hot water boilers, steam boilers and modern high-capacity boilers between 55 kW and 5,700 kW.

User-friendly concept:

All components, such as the fuel and air control system, are clearly arranged and easily accessible.

Spatially variable:

Burners can be hinged open to the left or right.

Easy installation:

All components are connected with plugs and sockets.

Particularly quiet operation:

An innovative fan unit and aerodynamically arranged air components minimize the amount of noise produced.


Weishaupt oil and dual fuel burners are suitable for use with fuel oil EL and low sulphur fuel oil EL to DIN 51603-1, as well as fuel oil EL with additives of up to 10 % bio components to DIN 51603-6 (2007-11), fuel oil EL A Bio 5 and 10. Weishaupt Burners. That’s reliability.

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