Safety Relief Valve
Safety Relief Valve

Valsteam ADCAPure

Our range of products for clean steam and industrial gases and fluids, designed for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and cosmetic industry.

Special Requirements:

  • Self drain design
  • Easy access for clean operations
  • Exquisite surface finish
  • High quality stainless steels
  • Approved materials (sealing’s, diaphragms, etc)


  • Heat shrink packing machine
  • Ultra-sound cleaning
  • Roughness analyser and printer


  • ADCAPure targets very demanding industries, with complex purity systems. That’s why throughout the production cycle our products are subject to tight specifications and requirements.
  • We are fully aware and in line with the certifications and documentation needed.
  • Our assembly room is certified according to the ISO14644-1 standard.
  • We are also an EHEDG member and therefore we keep our production in the edge of hygienic secure and safe production.
  • The compliance with the higher standards takes place right from the beginning: according to the EC No 1935/2004 traceability exists for all the raw materials and they are all tested by specialized technicians and by advanced equipment
  • Besides the state-of-the art machining equipment, to ensure the
    highest standards we also have an isolated sector dedicated to
    stainless steel welding. Here we carry out specific welding
    techniques, such as microplasma, orbital or pulse tig.

Surface Finishes:

  • Fine machined: Obtain by high performance turning and milling machines
    (Mechanical polishing where necessary).
  • Mechanical polishing: Polished surface, not necessary with a shiny finish
  • Electro polishing: Satin surface finish typical from electro polishing process
  • Mirror: Shiny surface finish
  • Satin bead blast finishing: Obtained by sand blasting process, applicable for actuators, humidity separators, etc.


  • FDA/USP class VI seals
  • 3.1, including the roughness report


ADCAPure Range

  • Steam Traps.
  • Pressure Reducing Valves.
  • Pressure Sustaining Valves.
  • Blanketing Regulators.
  • Control Valves.
  • Sample Coolers.
  • Humidity Separators.
  • Vacuum Breakers.

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