POPS-K packaged pump
POPS-K packaged pump

Valsteam ADCA Special Equipment

This group of items is perhaps the most atypical. It consists of different equipment and, in most cases, specially developed to process industries.


Adcamat pumps / Humidity separators / Sample coolers / Steam injectors / Adcamix steam to water mixers / Flash vessels and blowdown vessels / Direct steam injection humidifiers / Heat exchangers Adcatherm / Exhaust heads.

Other equipment in fabricated steel can be developed and manufactured due to our technical capability and production means, which includes welding processes carried out by qualified welders; tests and trials – adhering to European guidelines – and the company’s quality system.

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ADCAMAT POP-LC (Pressure Operated Pump)

The ADCAMAT POP-LC (Pressure Operated Pump), fabricated in carbon steel (stainless steel on request), is recommended in the transfer of high temperature liquids such as condensate, oils and other liquids to a higher elevation or pressure. The pump starts when there is something to pump and stops when there isn’t. Under certain conditions, it can drain a closed vessel under vacuum or pressure. The pump can be operated by steam, compressed air or gas and can be used for lifting any kind of non-corrosive liquids.

  • No electric requirements.
  • Pump mechanism can be installed in any position rotating 360º, only limited by the flange holes.
ADCAMAT POP-LC (Pressure Operated Pump)

Automatic Pump Trap APST

The ADCAMat APST automatic pump trap is specially
recommended where stall condition may occur due to poor
steam trap condensate discharge capacity, caused by temporary
insufficient pressure drop.
The equipment combines the features of a float steam trap and a
pressure operated pump, in one single unit.
Whenever the steam trap function is incapable of draining
condensate, the pump function is activated (using external steam
pressure). The pump replaces the necessary positive pressure
to lift the condensate to the return system, before water logging
occurs, avoiding water hammer and consequent noise, equipment
damage, corrosion, unstable temperature control, etc.

  • No electric requirements.
  • No NPSH issues.
  • Operation under vacuum conditions.
  • No motive or flash steam is lost.
  • Low flling head for minimal installation space requirements.
Automatic Pump Trap APST

POPS-K Packaged Pump Units

The POPS-K packaged pump units can be used to lift or displace hot condensate and other liquids even in hazardous areas. A POPS packaged unit is comprised by an Adcamat pump, a vented receiver and all auxiliary items, compactly mounted on a metal frame, piped and ready for connection. Packaged units save time, work and site costs. In addition, they ensure that the installation of the pump is correct in every detail. Two or more units can be connected in parallel to cope with flow rates beyond the capacity of a single pump. Packaged units for operation with compressed air are also available. All connections are flanged EN 1092-1 PN16. Threaded flanges and/or other connection standards available on request.

POPS-K Packaged Pump Units