Float/Thermostatic Steam Trap
Float/Thermostatic Steam Trap

Valsteam ADCA Steam Traps

One of the equipment’s most often neglected in a steam installation is the steam trap. This happens because in most cases it fails open and, although leading to extra costs, the process is not interrupted. In some cases the lack of efficiency is due to improper application, often triggered by forced selection of a certain model, for economic reasons, bad advice or even limitation within the selected brand.

Balanced pressure thermostatic steam traps and air eliminators

Main Features

  • Modulating discharge
  • Several connections available
  • Excellent air discharge
  • Simple and compact design

For selecting correct steam trap sizing, we need to know:

  • Condensate loads in Kg/h
  • Safety factor to be applied (if necessary)
  • Differential pressure
  • Maximum allowable pressure (max. system pressure)

Steam Diagram