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Due to the financial instability of some companies after the April Revolution in 1974, the young technician Fernando Rodrigues Soares took the opportunity to establish his own company with three other business partners. Even though the main activity was the assembly of steam systems, compressed air and thermal oil systems, it was during this period that Mr. Soares designed equipment, which is still being produced today, namely humidity separators and heat exchangers.

In 1992 The brand name ADCA – Mrs. Adozinda Cachulo’s initials – was registered and the first steam traps and Adcamat recovery pumps were designed. Other fields of activity were maintained.

In 1995 The first factory was built in Sintra, Lisbon, centralising all fields of activity. Serial production was developed with automated equipment and subcontracted CNC machinery.

As the result of a slowdown in investment, the relocation of established clients and other economic factors which led to instability in the industrial sector, the company decided to concentrate its efforts solely in its most promising activity: Manufacturing. To this end, a company founded in 1991 was re-established under the name of Valsteam Engineering SA. The core business was the engineering and manufacturing of steam traps and fluid network components. The headquarters were located in Lisbon and the factory in Leiria. In order to finance this operation the family’s assets were sold.

Quality Standards

We are fully aware and in line for certifications and documentation needed.Our assembly room is certified according to the ISO-14644-1 standard. Valsteam ADCA is also EHEDG member and, therefore we keep our production in the edge of hygienic, secure and safe production.

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